Main internet browsers

In the world of the internet there are endless options to carry out any task. In this case when referring to web browsers the reality is very similar, because currently it is possible to get hundreds of applications to access the pages on the internet. Among the multiple options of web browsers, the following stand out:

  • Google Chrome
  • Safari
  • Mozilla Firefox
  • Microsoft Edge
  • Opera

These are considered the main Internet browsers, either because of their popularity, performance, stability or appearance, the truth is that they are the most used by Internet users.

What are internet browsers?

The internet is, without a doubt, the main information highway, although in many cases it is also seen as a great sea of ​​content and pages, hence the term web browsers, when referring to the applications that allow access to the different pages available on the internet.

In short, you can define a web browser as a software or application that allows its user to access the information available on the network.

Main browsers

As mentioned above, there are some browsers that are the favorites of Internet users, this predilection is given, in many cases, by the speed and interface that they offer.

In a world where time is money and information is money, tools are required that allow consuming the greatest amount of information in the shortest possible time. Each of these browsers is described a bit below:

Google Chrome

This browser is developed by the Google company, it is based on open source software and its speed and security are its main features. It is considered the most used web browser in the world and has more than 750 million users.


It is a browser owned by Apple, it is included and default on their devices, however it is also possible to run it in a Windows environment. Currently, it is the second browser with the most users in the world, it offers excellent speed and in terms of security, it includes tools that guarantee the protection of its users’ information.

Mozilla Firefox

It is free and open source software. It works perfectly on any platform or operating system and gives its users the ability to customize not only its interface but also its operating tools. It is a strong competition as it offers: high browsing speed, low resource consumption and also incorporates multiple functions, extensions and add-ons.

Microsoft Edge

It is the replacement for Internet Explorer, which until 2015 was the only browser of the Microsoft company and the oldest. As of January 2019 Edge is based on chrominium which makes it similar to Chrome and Firefox in speed and performance. It comes by default in the Windows 10 operating system, and it is definitely looking to achieve a significant market share.


With this software it is possible to carry out multiple tasks in parallel, it has multiplatform compatibility and is developed by the Opera Software company. This browser can work on computers with minimal performance, a feature that makes it survive in the fight of browsers. In addition, it is one of the most innovative on the market.

Choosing a web browser among so many options is a complex issue, considering that each offers outstanding and unique features that attract its users.

A very common option among Internet users is to have two or three browser options installed on their computers in order to cover most of the possible options and have a wide range of tools to navigate quickly, safely and freely.

Although there are multiple options and each one offers enormous benefits, it is possible to say that any of these browsers will have everything you need when using the internet from any of your devices. And you, what browser do you use?

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