Safety Precautions When Browsing Online

The consumption of information through devices, both mobile and fixed, is constantly growing. Every day an exchange of data is generated through the internet, however, you must bear in mind the need for security when browsing online, to protect your information from possible attacks by intruders. Today, most web browsers incorporate security features and tools that alert you to cyber attacks while you browse.

Network security

The web pages that you consult daily must comply with a set of parameters that are part of the security policies that are implemented on the internet. Both users and web pages can be victims of computer attacks.

Remember that information is power, for this reason computer criminals are constantly hunting for breaches in security to steal valuable information from people or companies.

Safety tips when browsing online

Each user or web page has to develop a security strategy, in order to face the multiple daily attacks that they may receive. Computer criminals specialize every day, to be able to circumvent your security, with almost undetectable mechanisms and even counting in some cases with “complicity” on your part due to omission or over-confidence.

When you establish automatic and manual security mechanisms, it is possible to have greater security, since if you make a mistake when browsing or downloading a potentially harmful file, the security software must be able to alert you to the threat in progress.

It is important that you take into account the following tips to navigate safely:

  • When making purchases online, you must do so from a website that has the “HTTPS” security protocol, and it is also recommended that you review their security policies, remember that you are going to provide personal and financial data during the purchase process.
  • You must have quality and updated antivirus software. This will be in charge of fighting against threats that you cannot identify so easily, it is very important to keep it updated so that it can identify and deal with all types of malware.
  • Public networks generally do not have security mechanisms and information protection, this facilitates the intrusion of attackers in search of easy targets.
  • You should be vigilant and be wary of emails with questionable senders, files or links. Never download or click on them if you don’t know their origin.
  • Some web pages may try to confuse you to click on some type of dubious message or link, be forewarned and avoid falling into these practices.
  • With the internet of things, new threats to our computer security arise. The “smart” objects that can exchange information must be up-to-date to keep them protected from attacks in search of your sensitive information.
  • Create complex passwords that are not easy to guess. Do not use personal data or correlative numbers, try to use a combination of letters, numbers and symbols that is difficult to identify.
  • Restrict access to your geolocation, because this data is extremely sensitive since you are giving access to your location in real time, which can be very dangerous if it falls into the hands of hackers.
  • A really fundamental aspect that depends 100% on you, is the use of conscience, you must think more than once before supplying any type of personal information of any kind. Keep in mind that the network is mined with dangers and you must be very jealous with your data.

Safety when browsing online depends entirely on you as a user, either due to the implementation of automatic mechanisms that protect your data or because of the self-care you have about your actions on the network, be suspicious and be cautious. Be safe.

Etherpad, a collaborative real-time web editor

Etherpad is text editing software. Online collaboration for multiple users stands out as a fundamental aspect, with this, the software expands the possibility of developing projects in a more efficient way.

Although there are many similar options today, it is always possible to find highlights in some of them, this is the case with Etherpad. Its operation and installation seek to maintain access to your information with the greatest possible security and even the identity of the writers or collaborators can be protected thanks to the software configuration.


This software appeared in 2008, thanks to its innovative features and functions, it was well received by the user community. As a result of its success, the Google company was interested almost immediately and managed its purchase, which was completed in December 2009 and Etherpad was released as open source in the same month.

Etherpad Features

The highlights of this web application are mainly aimed at promoting collaborative work online, without neglecting the tools used by text editors.

Simultaneous text editing

Etherpad allows its users to create and edit text documents via the web, additionally it is possible to invite several people as collaborators in the elaboration of the text file.

Collaboration can be jointly or individually. The software assigns a specific color for the changes that are made by each user, in this way the work carried out by each one can be identified.

Collaborative Chat

This tool facilitates real-time communication of the collaborators who are working on each text file in the editing process. In this way, it is possible to control and communicate in a timely manner any idea or modification that needs to be implemented.

Security and anonymity

When you access Etherpad, it is possible to configure it so that it does not collect personal information from the writers, except for the IP address, which is a mandatory data. Unlike other similar services, such as Google Docs, where you must log in to access the documents.

Additionally, the software has the option of assigning passwords to documents to increase the privacy of the information.

EtherPad Features

Within word processors there is a set of basic functions that are common to all, however, there are others that make the software stand out compared to the rest. Some highlights are:

Changes made

With this tool it is possible to consult a history of the changes that have been made to the document, in addition, you can navigate over the registered changes.

Import documents

Although it may seem like a strange function for this type of online services, Etherpad has the possibility of importing previously prepared documents, as long as they are in TXT, HTML or its own format.

Save Documents

The process of saving documents, or pads as they are called within this program, is as simple as clicking an icon, it will immediately be stored in your pad library.

Connection log

The software has an access log for all users who enter or leave the editing of documents, this is a security and control mechanism to protect the information contained in the pads.

The initial installation and configuration of Etherpad must be done on a Linux server, which can be a somewhat difficult process for some users, however, it is possible to find manuals to do it. As for everyday use, it does not present any kind of difficulty for any user.

There is no doubt that Etherpad is an innovative tool for telematic work and collaboration of multiple participants thanks to the communication provided by the internet. Expectations are high about the improvements and upcoming developments that apply to this useful application.

Main internet browsers

In the world of the internet there are endless options to carry out any task. In this case when referring to web browsers the reality is very similar, because currently it is possible to get hundreds of applications to access the pages on the internet. Among the multiple options of web browsers, the following stand out:

  • Google Chrome
  • Safari
  • Mozilla Firefox
  • Microsoft Edge
  • Opera

These are considered the main Internet browsers, either because of their popularity, performance, stability or appearance, the truth is that they are the most used by Internet users.

What are internet browsers?

The internet is, without a doubt, the main information highway, although in many cases it is also seen as a great sea of ​​content and pages, hence the term web browsers, when referring to the applications that allow access to the different pages available on the internet.

In short, you can define a web browser as a software or application that allows its user to access the information available on the network.

Main browsers

As mentioned above, there are some browsers that are the favorites of Internet users, this predilection is given, in many cases, by the speed and interface that they offer.

In a world where time is money and information is money, tools are required that allow consuming the greatest amount of information in the shortest possible time. Each of these browsers is described a bit below:

Google Chrome

This browser is developed by the Google company, it is based on open source software and its speed and security are its main features. It is considered the most used web browser in the world and has more than 750 million users.


It is a browser owned by Apple, it is included and default on their devices, however it is also possible to run it in a Windows environment. Currently, it is the second browser with the most users in the world, it offers excellent speed and in terms of security, it includes tools that guarantee the protection of its users’ information.

Mozilla Firefox

It is free and open source software. It works perfectly on any platform or operating system and gives its users the ability to customize not only its interface but also its operating tools. It is a strong competition as it offers: high browsing speed, low resource consumption and also incorporates multiple functions, extensions and add-ons.

Microsoft Edge

It is the replacement for Internet Explorer, which until 2015 was the only browser of the Microsoft company and the oldest. As of January 2019 Edge is based on chrominium which makes it similar to Chrome and Firefox in speed and performance. It comes by default in the Windows 10 operating system, and it is definitely looking to achieve a significant market share.


With this software it is possible to carry out multiple tasks in parallel, it has multiplatform compatibility and is developed by the Opera Software company. This browser can work on computers with minimal performance, a feature that makes it survive in the fight of browsers. In addition, it is one of the most innovative on the market.

Choosing a web browser among so many options is a complex issue, considering that each offers outstanding and unique features that attract its users.

A very common option among Internet users is to have two or three browser options installed on their computers in order to cover most of the possible options and have a wide range of tools to navigate quickly, safely and freely.

Although there are multiple options and each one offers enormous benefits, it is possible to say that any of these browsers will have everything you need when using the internet from any of your devices. And you, what browser do you use?

Mozilla Firefox, know this browser

When talking about web browsers today, it is without a doubt necessary to mention the open source browser Mozilla Firefox, this software is supported and coordinated by the Mozilla Foundation. In this article you will find everything you need to know about this powerful browser, which is very well positioned and is among the most used by Internet users around the world.


Firefox emerged experimentally from the hand of Dave Hyatt and Blake Ross, its name at that time was “Phonenix” and its first version was released on September 23, 2002.

In its beginnings, it was part of the so-called “Mozilla Application Suite” which was divided in 2003 and from then on its developers focused efforts on the development of what is now known as Mozilla Firefox. It is currently available in 86 languages ​​and is licensed under the GNU Linux license.

Mozilla Firefox Advantage

With this web browser you will have a set of advantages at your disposal that stand out from its competition, making it your best option when choosing a web browser for your devices:

Firefox is for everyone

Firefox is available worldwide for download and, in addition, it is a multiplatform software, this means that it can be downloaded and installed on any electronic device with internet access.

It is compatible with operating systems: Windows, Mac, Linux, IOS and Android, so you can use this software both on your computer and on tablets or mobile phones.

Protect your privacy

It has a set of tools to guarantee the protection of your personal data, among which are:

  • Blocking third-party cookies.
  • Anti-Crypto miners.
  • Lock finger trackers
  • Private browsing.
  • Individual safety report.

With these and other additional tools, Mozilla Firefox makes an effort to guarantee the security of your information on the network.

Customize your browser

It is true that it is software available to everyone, but this does not mean that everyone should use it in the same way. With Firefox, it is possible to adapt the operation of its interface to your experience and particular tastes through the configuration of its themes, extensions, window design and other characteristics so that you have a tailor-made experience when browsing the Internet with Firefox.


Extensions are small applications that can run independently, but are embedded within the browser. These extensions give you access to a set of tools that enhance the browsing experience. It is possible to include as many extensions as you want to guarantee that you will be browsing as you want with Firefox.

Mozilla Features

Within the Internet it is possible to get multiple browser options to access the different web pages, some more or less popular. Each of these browsers offers a set of basic functions, but in the case of Mozilla Firefox it also offers some that differentiate it from the rest, these are:

Synchronize your contacts

Thanks to the multiplatform use of Firefox it is possible that you have all your contacts and preferences on the different devices and platforms that you use every day without having to do anything besides installing the software.

Integration with Google products

You will be able to use your favorite Google tools without any inconvenience, such as: Gmail, Docs, Google Drive, among many others, since Mozilla is optimized to run these services.

Anti-trace protection

It is a tool that prevents your personal information from being collected by third-party applications or services and then sold for advertising purposes.

If you are looking for free, secure and customizable software, Mozilla Firefox is your safe option, because there are many functions and features that make it one of the best web browsers today.